Spanish mental addition mp3

In another post I wrote how to create with festival, lame and sox an mp3 to practice mental addition. That mp3 used festival’s default english voice. What I did to have a spanish version is the following:

Copy the text2wave script to ~/bin/
mkdir ~/bin
cp $(which text2wave) ~/bin/text2wavees

Add the following after line 46 of ~/bin/text2wavees:

Use the following script to generate the mp3:

#!/bin/bash -e

# output file

if [ -z "$output" ]; then 
        echo "usage: $0 OUTFILE"


TMP=`mktemp -d /tmp/speed_addition.XXXX`
pushd $TMP

# pause length in seconds

for i in `seq 32`; do
        x=$(($RANDOM % 999))
        while [ $x -lt 11 ]; do
                x=$(($RANDOM % 999))
        y=$(($RANDOM % 999))
        while [ $y -lt 11 ]; do
                y=$(($RANDOM % 999))
        echo "$x + $y" | $TEXT2WAVE -o add$i.wav
        echo "$(($x+$y))" | $TEXT2WAVE -o result$i.wav
        sox add$i.wav add_with_pause$i.wav pad 3 $pause
        sox add_with_pause$i.wav result$i.wav out$i.wav

sox out*wav out.wav
lame --ta speed-math --tl speed-math-es --tt $output --silent out.wav $CWD/$output


rm -r $TMP


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